A word of gratitude

Written by Chebet

March 18, 2013 Uncategorized  2 comments

When Andrew told me of TIIT, a school they had open with Morris to offer IT to students who were willing to learn at no charge, I was so impressed and promisedto make a visit and even do a story in the local dailies about the school.

Months later, they introduced me to Jay, Mick and Evan. I had never been that much happy to meet the guys who were more than willing to offer anything towards building up even a dormitory for students at TIIT apart from donating learning matrerials.

I wrote this as a souvenir for the three of you great guys and whoever has contributed towards steering of TIIT. I thank you all.

A Souvenir

A thousand miles away,

In a land across the sea,

With compassion, you beat the miles that lay,

And with empathetic hearts of making a difference,

By influence,

To lives of souls though strangers to you,

To brighten unearthed latent abilities,

And to virtually open horizons,

Across the continents unknown to you.


A thousand miles away,

In a continent far away,

Guided by nudging compassion,

You set out to impart,

Implant lasting legacy and,

Open opportunities and fortunes

That once remained out of reach

That once remained tell-told dreams

You realised aspired privileges,

That could have been mere broken aspirations.

A thousand miles away,

Despite the vices that may have lay,

Armed with charitable spirits of compassion,

You beat the distance that separate

And bring to reality the much craved skills to be realised

To the much-thirsty -for knowledge young brains


As the days go,

With so much to be done,

And yet more to be achieved,

Yours remain a cherished achievement,

A greater fulfilment

Desired dreams

Of contributing to making an equitable globe

Of making a world a better place to be.





2 comments to A word of gratitude

  • Jay says:

    Thanks Chebet, that was very nicely written. Hopefully we’ll see you on Friday up in Elburgon!

    • chebet says:

      yep will be there

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