Youth develop their skills on constucting a windmill

Written by Chebet

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“The initiative helps spark creativity among the Kenyan youth. Students will gain the knowledge necessary to build projects that can help their communities by using locally available materials”,Ming Ming, an official from Village technologies said.


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constructing a wind turbine in rural Elburgon

Written by Chebet

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Village technologies are teaming up with TIIT to construct a windmill to generate electricity.

The aim of the initiative, Ming Ming said is to equip the youth with skills and resources to develop low-tech infrastructure like wind turbines, water pumps and biogas generators that can help their communities. The initiative is targeting youth from rural and slum areas.


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elburgon town

Written by Chebet

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Once a bustling town where logging was the main activity, Elburgon town in Nakuru county has degraded over years with the diminishing forests. TiiT school is located within the town.

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scholarship students

Written by Chebet

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For Phyllis, getting a full scholarship in TIIT has not only been a blessing but also an eye-opener to the world of technology.

"The experience which i have so far gained within the past three months is great, I never imagined myself here.It only took efforts of Andrew K Thuku and his brother Morris Thuku who considered my application for scholarship since I could not afford the school fees", Phyllis Wambui an IT student at TIIT says.

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climbing higher

Written by Chebet

May 31, 2013 Kenyan  One comment

Teacher John Gitonga prepares for a lesson at TIIT

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Crowdfunding Campaign Underway!

Written by Jay

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The official crowdfunding campaign to launch Tunapanda and get TIIT's "Mission: 2013" funded is underway! Be sure to watch our video on Indiegogo as doing so will raise our "Gogofactor" which can get us featured on the front page, and tell everyone you know to check it out.

As the video states, at least half of donations on Indiegogo will go to partner schools like TIIT, and getting new computers and a dorm for TIIT is our top priority. The rest will go to handling legal setup fees for our non-profit and setting up a central base for East African expansion in Nairobi, as Tunapanda partners with other groups and expands TIIT & our model further.

Donations cannot yet be accepted through M-Pesa, but we are working on that. So send an email to and ask to be kept

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A word of gratitude

Written by Chebet

March 18, 2013 Uncategorized  2 comments

When Andrew told me of TIIT, a school they had open with Morris to offer IT to students who were willing to learn at no charge, I was so impressed and promisedto make a visit and even do a story in the local dailies about the school.

Months later, they introduced me to Jay, Mick and Evan. I had never been that much happy to meet the guys who were more than willing to offer anything towards building up even a dormitory for students at TIIT apart from donating learning matrerials.

I wrote this as a souvenir for the three of you great guys and whoever has contributed towards steering of TIIT. I thank you all.

A Souvenir

A thousand miles away,

In a land across the sea,

With compassion, you beat the miles that lay,

And with empathetic hearts of making a difference,

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Thuku School Leads in IT Initiatives

Written by Morris

March 18, 2013 Uncategorized  One comment

As Kenya and the rest of Africa grapples with how and when to introduce IT in schools, The Thuku School in Elburgon, Kenya, with support from McCallie School in Chattanooga Tennessee, USA, has for a decade provided free computer literacy for all that are willing to learn, a kid and a village at a time.

With so many political promises from Presidential aspirants in the recently held elections in Kenya suggesting that they may offer free laptops to school, The Thuku School has gone ahead and partnered with Read and Prosper to provide free e-readers to its students.

The Thuku School also in partnership with Tunapanda is providing a huge variety of free online courses on a hard drive. Thus continuing the schools original spirit of providing accessible education for all Kenyans, Africans

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i remember

Written by Chebet

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 I remember
By Chebet Caroline

I remember,
By the beautiful shade in the scotching sun,
Grandpa listening to my claptrap
Of worlds apart
Worlds of daydreams and fantasies
The chuckles and giggles
I remember,
With nostalgic and longing
Of those blissful days
When Grandpa told me to live a real life
Always try to make someone smile’
Those were the little girl’s blissful days
When Grandpa meant the world to me

I remember,
In my mommy's knees,
Learning the best way of being a good mommy,
Learning to smile when situations seems unbearable,
Yes...I remember with bliss;
When Mommy taught me to be grateful
That I have people to make my world
And that I was fortunate to have a sister
But never told me why I was unfortunate to have a brother and a granny

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TIIT’s New Computer!

Written by Jay

March 16, 2013 Hardware  2 comments

We just used the first donation on TIIT's website to buy a new computer for the school! Special thanks to Mammoth Designs in Kentucky, USA, for being our inaugural donor. Thanks also to Solomon, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of Datacomm Systems & Solutions, for letting TIIT have a monitor to go with the computer before paying for it.

Mick & Jay check out the computer in Solomon's shop in Nakuru

The path to getting the computer in the kids' hands started with a random conversation at a backpacker hostel in Nairobi, when a traveler from Virginia, Daniel Shaffer, told me about The Tennessee Institute of Information Technology and all the great stuff Morris and Andrew have been doing for the past decade, in large part thanks to help from Morris' alma mater, McCallie

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