Nurturing Hands-on Ingenuity

TIIT is a pioneering initiative based in Kenya that caters to Needy and Gifted African Youth. We provide a highly discounted Computer and IT education to those who can afford and Full scholarships to those who can’t. Over Fifty Percent of our Students and Graduates have been Full scholarship recipients. 


Big Data & Security

We impart knowledge about information sources, frameworks and analytics;  where and how big data are being generated and why data integrity and security is important.

Software Development

We teach computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product.

Hardware Knowledge

This training involves teaching students how to troubleshoot problems or faults emanating from improper network configurations, hard drives, cpus and signal pathways. Also fixing broken cards and broken parts.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Business Communication Skills

This training involves lessons about visual and verbal communication skills such as open body language, paralanguage and spoken communication.

We teach the importance of voice projection, eye contacts, audibility and confidence when delivering a pitch or presenting. 

"What you say is what is heard, how you say it decides the amount of trust your audience give

Always focus on creating a good first impression!

Entrepreneurship and Personal Development

This involves taking students through the necessary steps for designing, launching and running a new business. Topics about entrepreneurial skills and experiences are deeply discussed to help them identify themselves with them. Other topics such as accounting and financial literacy are taught as well. 

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